🎨 Can you make a custom order?

Absolutely! I'd love to bring your vision to reality! If you love a design but wish it was a different color or made with a different crystal—reach out via the contact form below and spill your creative beans—I'm all ears! 🎨

⏰ How long will it take for you to ship my order?

I'm going to list it as 3 business days, because sometimes you just don't have enough spoons to make shit happen. (and other times you need to film a packing video to feed the algorithm) But honestly, I'm getting that sucker in the mail to you ASAP because I'm so grateful for your support and excited to hear that you love it!

Why is this lady talking about spoons? 📤

🧹 How do I care for my suncatcher?

Choose its place, hang it up, and give it space. To keep it shiny, give it a gentle polish with a microfiber cloth or even a soft tee. Your sun catcher will thank you with its bling! ✨😎

🗺️ Where can I hang my suncatcher?

Anywhere you’d like! I'd skip the shower, outside, or within kids’ reach.
The perfect place? Anywhere that catches some direct sunlight. But don't worry, it's got its own sparkle, even in the shade! 🌈

**do not hang in a place that is distracting for you or others**

⛓️ How do I adjust the length of the chain on my suncatcher?

That's an easy one! Slide the lobster clasp along the chain until your suncatcher dangles at your desired height, then just secure the clasp! ⛓️

🏞️ Are your suncatchers suitable for outdoor use?

Nah, let's keep these babies indoors! While they can withstand gentle handling, they're not built for the wild elements. 🌦️

✈️ Do you offer international shipping?

Not at the moment. The whole extra packaging and logistics for that isn't something I’m ready to take on right now. But, if demand arises, I would consider offering international shipping in the future. 🌍

🔮 Are the crystal beads genuine?

I source my crystal beads from various wholesalers (mainly on Etsy). Each crystal is unique in weight, size, and color, and might have natural cracks or inclusions. I embrace small imperfections but I keep any truly damaged beads for personal use. 🔮

🤷‍♀️ Wait...don’t some crystals change color in sunlight?

Yes! Some crystals may experience a color shift or color loss over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Here’s a short list: amethyst, calcite, celestite, citrine, fluorite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, etc.

Why do you work with them then?
Color change doesn’t happen overnight, and most of the time your suncatcher won't be in direct sunlight. Plus it’s fun to watch something naturally change, crystals are freakin cool. 🌞

If you purchase a piece with any of the above crystals, hang it farther from the window to preserve the crystals color for longer.